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Selling Skills 2 - Advanced Sales Skills
TYPE Online Curriculum
DURATION 5 hours
PRICE £185.00
DESCRIPTION This series of 6 modules covers a range of Advanced selling skills that enable Sales People everywhere to maximise sales opportunities and build sustainably profitable accounts.

Selling Skills 2 – Advanced Sales Skills delivers 6 modules of advanced sales skills, including selling to different personality types and selling to multiple decision makers. As with Level 1 they can be taken individually or as part of this full curriculum. Each module is presented by an experienced trainer and in addition to the onscreen text there are detailed handouts to download. Be prepared to take your Sales skills to the next level!

This programme builds on Selling Skills 1, which establishes a solid foundation for new and developing sales people.

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Title Duration

Winning New Business

Discover how to close the deal with confidence and win new business in a tough competitive environment.

45 minutes

Consultative Selling

Learn how to make a sales meeting into so much more by taking a more consultative approach.

45 minutes

Selling to Different Personality Types

Learn how to appreciate the difference in personality types and select a communication style accordingly.

45 minutes

Using Powerful Sales Language

Use powerful language to provide a more engaging sales story.

45 minutes

Selling To Multiple Decision Makers

Understand the key principles of how to engage and influence more than one person at the same time in a sales meeting

45 minutes

Managing Accounts for Growth

Learn how to forge strong long-term customer relationships and develop a credible and sustainable customer strategy.

45 minutes

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